Reliability at heart

In a world of increasing speed, demands and expectations, it is of vital importance to be available for our customers around the clock. Pelbo&Moba consider delivering high-end Field Service support, 24/7 HelpDesk, Customer Care and Certified Spare Parts availability as our main goal to achieve this objective. Pelbo&Moba continuously strive to be where our customers need us and where we can add value to their business. We strongly believe in a personal and people- oriented approach, and being reliable at heart.

The right parts, at the right time, in the right place

Maintenance is crucial for any equipment. At Pelbo, we ensure that your equipment has the highest possible uptime and runs at maximum efficiency. In Pelbo, we always aim for the highest quality standards. Quality is a primary focus throughout all our processes. That is why all of our parts have been designed, manufactured and tested to meet these high standards. And all of our parts are certified to match the performance they are designed to meet.

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Or call directly to +39 039 88 07 49

You can expect

  • Full alignment with 24/7 service model
  • Reliable delivery, quality and guarantee
  • Same day shipping of in-stock parts
  • Experienced customer service staff