How projects are created

Pelbo  Sales Team is always ready to provide support and advice aimed to achieve the most suitable solution for any kind of customer. Our engineers will advise you to find the best suitable solution using the best suitable technology to meet customer needs using our experience and knowledge on state of the art food production processes and technologies for food equipment production. 

Pelbo offers all kind of processing technologies and solutions for any kind of egg product project in the egg industry:standard integrated processing lines or turn key solutions.

Most common offered solutions are:

  • Liquid egg plants, tailor made or prefabricated.
  • Powder  egg processing plants.
  • Upgrade and improvement of existing systems of all kind and technologies.

Standard Solution will be technical explained by our Pelbo Sales Team and the customer will receive the commercial offer accordingly.

Complex projects are handled by a Pelbo Project Team, that make sure that all requirements of that special request are met. Here below we explain the steps on how projects are created.

Complex projects

Our customers around the world turnkey projects have full access to a wide range of plant sizes and typologies.

First of all our Pelbo Sales Team will understand the customer needs and the project scope and a new dedicated Pelbo Project Team will born to study and develop a dedicated solution.

A Pelbo Project Team is a multidisciplinary team of engineers that work together closely with our Pelbo Sales Team during the sales phase and later on with the customer staff during the implementation phase.  They will translate our customer's automation requirements into smart and efficient system proposal with technical documentation and commercial offer.

Our Pelbo Project Team will develop the best solution and will support the customer on the building design, finishes, zoning (separating areas) and other technical information the customer may need.

Solutions could be all kind, from equipment to process eggs from the hen house to complete egg powder plants.

The most innovative egg processing technologies can be supplied, including i.e.: whole egg concentration, RF pasteurization, ...

A complete plant example could be made of: breaking equipment, filtering, cooling heat exchangers, storage tanks, pasteurizer, concentration equipment, liquid filling, spray dryers, central CIP and utilities equipment on demand.

Automation level and customization available is the most advanced in the industry and will be developed according to customer request.

Pelbo is fully aware that every project and every customer is different. Our Pelbo Sales Team makes sure that your project receives the right attention and that we create the right conditions to make your solution work according to the agreed scope, plan and quality. We will contact you immediately if you send us a mail with your contact details to 

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