The Moba-Coenraadts tray washer is suitable to denest, wash, stack and dry plastic egg trays, as currently in use in the egg grading and processing market.
Egg trays can become quite dirty in the cycle of egg production. Particularly in case liquid egg has had the chance to dry, stacked trays can be glued together quite firmly. Automatic processing of such trays is not easy, but nevertheless very essential in the tray washing process. Therefore the Moba-Coenraadts tray washer is equipped with a rugged and versatile tray denesting system that is also very capable of processing dirty and sticky trays efficiently. Good washing performance starts with a great denesting function!
Standard features of the Moba Coenraadts tray washer are:

  • Double tray detector, to prevent jam-ups caused by sticking trays.
  • Independent process lines, with dedicated centrifuges; compared to a separate centrifuge, drying time is doubled.
  • Rugged spraying system with stainless steel nozzles that are carefully positioned to thoroughly clean all parts of the tray.
  • Smart filtration system with extended screen surface, matched with the nozzle diameter, to prevent clogging.
  • Compact machine with all required functions. The ‘wet footprint’ for tray washing is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Designed to even achieve a good washing result with cold water, keeping overall energy consumption limited.
  • Cleaning in place.
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