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The Ovolution 470  Egg Pasteurizing System is a all–in-one solution that incorporates the innovation and experience of Pelbo in the design of pasteurizing systems for liquid egg products.

Easy to install and use, this fully automatic system incorporates a filtration system (manual or automatic) and a 470 l/h plates based pasteurizer with a product filling  station.

In the Pelbo Ovolution 470 the filtered liquid raw egg  is heated up to pasteurizing temperature for the necessary time to eliminate bacteria and then immediately cooled down under 4 degrees Celsius and sent to the filling & weighing station.

Pelbo Ovolution 470 automation guarantees maximum performance and minimum production or operation mistakes.

Main features

  • Capacity of production:
    • 470 l/h of basic egg products (whole egg, egg whites)
    • 250 l/h (egg yolk) or simple egg blends
  • Compact system, skid mounted (smallest and adaptable footprint)
  • Low production costs and high energy recovery thanks to regeneration plate section (System recovers energy from pasteurized product)
  • High level of bacteria reduction (high control of temperature and pasteurizing time)
  • High quality egg products (functionality care)
  • All kind of egg products (nature egg products and blends)
  • Heavy Duty operations (material and components special selection)
  • Full automation allow easy operation and CIP cleaning (central touchscreen and  remote control available)
  • Smart Device equipment control is available
  • Easy and fast installation (system factory pretesting)
  • Total Stainless steel construction
  • Best homogenizing technology that combines:
    • Better functional quality of product for any egg product homogenized at same temperature
    • Increased  pasteurizing/run times (less downtimes)
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Reduction of chemical usage