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Pelbo Ovolution 1300 is a completely modular integrated egg processing system with CIP where all steps of liquid egg processing are included. The capacity of production of the  Pelbo Ovolution 1300  for basic egg products is 1300 l/h and 750 for high viscosity egg products. Blends can be produced.

Pelbo Ovolution 1300 completes a compact solution of: 

  • Egg Breaking Machine
  • Mixing and Blending
  • Pasteurizing
  • Packaging
  • Self-cleaning

All the system is factory pre-assembled and mounted on a stainless steel frame for quick and easy installation. All-in-one egg breaking and processing system with a PelboPure pasteurization system and finally an automatic packaging system for a wide range of sizes and packaging materials, from 1kg to 1000kg. Ideal for egg processors as well as all foodstuff, pasta, pastry and all other companies that use eggs. Pelbo Ovolution 1300 integrates every step of the egg product manufacturing process, including CIP cleaning and sanitizing. 

Pelbo Ovolution 1300 processing systems use a proven technology that assure the achievement of:
• Optimal functional product performance combined with the highest possible bacterial reduction (long
shelf life)
• High-energy efficiency therefore very low operational cost.

Ovolution 1300 can be configured to order, with a choice of:
• Whole egg or separating configuration
• Size and number of tanks
• Filtration system, manual or automatic for labour saving
• Product homogenisation, by high pressure homogeniser or cavitation homogenizer for extended run time.

In the Ovolution 1300 valves and controls are automatic, the functions are shown in a colour display to help the operator during production and CIP cleaning.

Automatic controls allow remote support and troubleshooting from a Pelbo/Moba helpdesk if support is needed. 

The Ovolution 1300 system is the reliable best value option for an easy and quick start in the liquid egg products industry.