Pelbo Ovolution Systems are modern and complete integrated processing systems fully automatic and ready to be used after to simply connecting to utilities. These egg processing solutions integrate in the same system all production steps in order to offer an easy and effective high quality way to produce egg products (egg breaking, blending, pasteurizing, packaging and CIP are included in the same system). Pelbo Ovolution Systems are pre-assembled and extensively tested at Pelbo facility before shipment to ensure a quick and easy installation with the aim of spending most of installation time on training. Their basic capacities of production are 300 l/batch, 500 l/h, 1300 l/h and 2,000 l/h. 

Ovolution 2000

Pelbo Ovolution 2000 whole is the biggest of the integrated egg processing system produced by Pelbo. Its modular design and built in CIP include all steps of liquid egg processing. The capacity of production of the Pelbo Ovolution 2000 whole for whole egg products is 2,000 l/h and 1,000 for high viscosity whole egg products. Blends can be produced.

Ovolution 1500

Pelbo Ovolution 1500 is a completely modular integrated egg processing system with CIP where all steps of liquid egg processing are included. The capacity of production of the Pelbo Ovolution 1500 for basic egg products is 1300 l/h and 750 for high viscosity egg products. Blends can be produced.
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Ovolution 500

The Pelbo Ovolution 500 Egg Pasteurizing System is a all–in-one solution that incorporates the innovation and experience of Pelbo in the design of pasteurizing systems for liquid egg products. Ovolution 500 can produce 470 l/h of basic egg products and 250 l/h of high viscosity egg products..

Ovolution 300

The Pelbo Ovolution 300  egg pasteurizing system is a all–in-one solution. Pelbo Ovolution 300 offers in the same module all the main processing functions (egg filtration, pasteurization, filling and CIP). 300 l/500 l capacity (egg yolk, egg whites or whole egg) and also simple blends.