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Pelbo egg processing division has beeing serving the egg processing industry since many decades. Pelbo equipment represents the result of our dedication to innovation and commitment to our customers with the latest egg processing technologies in the world a new generation of egg processing equipment is born, PelboPure egg processing systems dedicated to meet customer project conditions for big capacities of production or special projects.
The design of the Pelbo pasteurization systems comes from extensive experience in all corners of the world, a deep understanding in egg products pasteurization, as well as product functionality and long product shelf life, while maintaining the strict Pelbo quality standards for manufacture, service and support.
All big capacities pasteurising of Pelbo use the PelboPure system. PelboPure represents the most advanced and easy pasteurization system for egg products in the market. The perfect mix between knowledge in microbiology, engineering and egg products that achieve:
• Highest possible bacterial reduction = Longest shelf life.
• Best product performance.
• Highest energy efficiency.
• Lowest operating costs.
• Reduced waste.
All components in the system have been carefully selected for best performance, hygiene, duration and best service (lobe and centrifugal pums, stainless steel as main material, sanitary valves, multiple instruments for easy control, visual and easy controls). Every system will be adapted to the needs of the customer (high and low viscosity products, ESL, etc.).

PelboPure systems are fully CIP and can be checked with a team of online specialists.
All Pelbo processing systems have been engineered for optimum component and system performance to reduce operating costs.
PelboPure processing systems offer in alternative to the tradicional homogenizing technology the cavitator homogenizer with unique production charcteristics that reduces energy costs, chemical usage, increases run times and improves the functional quality of the homogenized product compared to any other kind of homogenizing technology.