Pelbo delivers total solutions for complete new plants or any improvement and dedicated solutions to be integrated in working lines.

Pelbo Solutions involve  egg breaking and separating and any other state of the art solutions like related to egg washing and egg products processing. Egg processing processes are multiple and all of them can be handle by Pelbo Sales Team:

  • Liquid egg pasteurizing lines: Loading, breaking, handling, cooling, stabilization, pasteurizing, packaging and automation are the main points to be defined inside this kind of projects. Pelbo compact ready pasteurizing solutions (Ovolution) and Turn-key plants according to customer requests.
  • Egg powder pasteurizing lines: These lines need a liquid egg supply to secure a constant egg powder output. For this reason is very important the correct engineering of the liquid egg side, the albumen treatment, egg concentration, egg dryers and powder filling. The following projects are carefully studied by a Pelbo Project Team.

Pelbo pasteurizing solutions suit to every customer. From complete integrated solutions, Ovolution, to fully tailor made solutions with PelboPure pasteurizers.

Pelbo offers two different pasteurizing solutions depending on the single customer needs:

    • Pelbo Ovolution Systems: Complete integrated and automatic ready to be used egg processing solutions that integrate in the same system all production steps in order to offer an easy and effective high quality way of egg products manufacturing (egg breaking, blending, pasteurizing, packaging and CIP). Ovolution systems are pre-assembled and extensively tested at Pelbo facility before shipment to ensure a quick and easy installation with the aim of spending most of installation time on training. Their basic capacities of production are 300 l/batch, 500 l/h, 1300 l/h and 2,000 l/h.
    • PelboPure Systems: They will be developed to match every single project. PelboPure systems are produced to fully satisfy  any customer request. Capacities usually are bigger than 2,000 l/h. PelboPure systems use all kind of state of the art food technology applied to egg products, i.e. special plates HE technology, tubular HE technology, hybrid HE technology, cavitator homogenizer, RF, OR, UF, etc.  


• Perfect for customized solutions in egg products plants
• Egg products with excellent functional properties and extended shelf life due to high bacterial reduction pasteurizing
• Extended process run time thanks to boost cavitator homogenizer scale free heating
• Optimal homogenizing results without damaging functional properties
• Automatic system control for easy operation
• Reduced consumption of energy, water and cleaning
• Remote supervision service
• Easy upgrading in the future


• Perfect compact solutions that feet any customer need
• Wide range of capacities
• All kind of high quality liquid egg products
• Full automatic process and CIP for easy use and maintenance
• Integrates a PelboPure pasteurizer
• High quality egg products with high bacteria reduction
• Remote supervision service
• Skid mounted, pre-assembled factory-tested for easy and fast installation
• Fast, complete and easy training grants customer independence from start up.
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