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This 12 row loader belongs to the Pelbo Crono loaders family and has a maximum loading capacity of 130.000 eggs per hour (360 cph). The Pelbo Crono egg loader family is now available in 3 different models up to 180.000 eggs per hour.
With breathtaking innovative design concept, never seen before in egg handling industry, Crono egg loader series offers the perfect answer to all market needs in egg loading.
Egg loading is a critical function in egg handling. Current high capacity egg breaking systems requires innovative solutions capable to provide reliable high capacity egg loaders. Traditional loading technology, based on suction heads mounted on rotation arms, has technological limitations and no further improvement was possible.
With the aim to satisfy the industry demand Pelbo R&D Team has developed an innovative patented multilink handling system offering:

  • Maximum performance with reduced downtimes;
  • Great versatility to adapt to any kind of egg and trays with unique automatic self adjusting features;
  • Gentle egg / tray handling with reduced internal speed;
  • Maximum versatility with loader self adjusting to each different type of eggs and trays;
  • Easier and minimum maintenance;
  • Food Tech design and CIP washing for fast and easy cleaning process using automatic foaming system;
  • Ergonomic design for operator’s maximum safety.

A complete selection of models that fit to any capacity:

  • Crono2 72,000 eph
  • Dual Crono2 144,000 eph
  • Crono4 130,000 eph
  • Crono6 180.000 eph


Thanks to its revolutionary multilink handling system, each loader belonging to the Crono series has the smallest footprint compared with other loaders offering same capacity range. Both tray in loading and tray out exit belts can be easily configured according to customer plant and room layout.