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As the smallest egg loader of the Pelbo Crono loaders family this 5 rows loader can perform a maximum capacity of 45.000 eggs per hour (125 cph). The Pelbo Crono1 loader offers an innovative solution capable to provide reliable and flexible medium capacity egg loading solution. This loading system superates loading technology, based on suction heads mounted on rotation arms with no further possible improvement. With the aim to satisfy this industry need also for medium volumes of production Pelbo R&D Team has developed an innovative servodriven egg loader.

  • Automatic motor driven egg loading system;
  • Pelbo chacteristic high quality stainless Steel AISI 304 construction delivers maximum hygiene and robustness;
  • Maximum performance with reduced downtimes;
  • Great versatility to adapt to any kind of egg and trays;
  • Low speed gentle egg / tray handling with reduced internal speed;
  • Easier and minimum maintenance;
  • Food Tech design and fully washable;
  • Ergonomic design for operator’s maximum safety;
  • Max loading capacity 45.000 eggs/hour (125 cph)
  • Highest compatibility with any layout thanks to a full customizable tray inlet and outlet.