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Simplex6M200 is the biggest between all Pelbo espezialised whole egg breakers. It is a 6 rows egg breaker with a max. capacity of production of 72,000 eph or the equivalent of 200 cph.

Simplex6M200 egg breaker isthe result of many years spent on R&D and many tests performed in the main egg processor facilities worldwide. This breaker like the Simplex12M400 and the Simplex6M200 mount the Synchro system that offers great advantages to production.

All Pelbo breakers have a simple and robust construction and use the state of the art Pelbo breaking system with its revolutionary cracking head design using only a few quantity components, each of them of high reliability and duration.

The special cracking head inclination and the long draining time guarantee a higher product yield than any other existing machine. The compact size, and the low number of rows considerably reduce the costs and time required for working operations as well as cleaning procedures.

If egg separation is required in future, the breaker can be equipped with a set of chutes to separate yolk from albumen.

Synchro system egg breakers use the unique and innovative servo self-synchronization system of the main movement of the egg breaker, Synchro system offers unmatched performances compared to all the others machines on the market obtaining:

  • Best egg break 
  • Highest proven production yield 
  • Minimum egg in shell

Synchro system unmatched performance, combined with a design that improves the cleaning procedures with the principle of simplicity and optimized cleaning design, and a robust construction using stainless steel as main component let:

  • Best production performance
  • Easy and effective and cheaper CIP cleaning.
  • Maintenance reduced to a minimum allowing reliable and long lasting production results.

Thanks to the rough and oversized construction, all the components are made of stainless steels, plastic materials are used ONLY in not critical components, routine maintenance operations are additionally simplified thanks to the easy accessibility of all the parts of the machines.

Simplex whole egg breakers are the answer to your needs to improve your egg breaking line, contact our sales team for additional information.