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Nano3M75 is the most compact and simple version of all Pelbo Breaker Products. These Breakers are built to satisfy the needs of small sized egg processing plants.

Nano3M75 is a 3 row breaker that can process from 2,000 to 27,000 eph (75 cph) and it uses all the technologies applied on all breakers of higher capacities, thus guaranteeing very high reliability and performance, incomparable to other machines of the same capacity. And all this combined with extremely easy use and the lowest operating costs.

Developed in order to grow together with customer' needs

The Nano3M75 has been developed to be the perfect partner for companies that have just begun processing eggs since it was studied and designed to increase its performance according to customer needs, indeed Nano3M75 can be equipped with separating trays (as shown in the picture) allowing egg white/yolk separation and the machine capacity can be increased up to 45,000 eph (125 cph) with an upgrade kit of components that can be easily installed directly by the customer.

Plug and produce

Nano whole egg breakers are designed to be easily installed directly by the customer. However Pelbo's technical support is always available to assist its own customers at any time: from installation, to maintenance and consultation to obtain the best results from Pelbo machines.