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Synchro200 is a 6row egg breaker separator with a max. capacity of production of 72,000 eph or the equivalent of 200 cph.

Synchro egg breaker separators are the result of many years spent on R&D and many tests performed in the main egg processor facilities worldwide. Synchro breakers are available in many versions 54,000 eph, 72,000 eph, 108,000 eph, 144,000 eph, 180,000 eph and 225,360 eph.

Synchro egg breakers use the unique and innovative self-synchronization system of the main movement of the egg breaker, Synchro breakers offers unmatched performances compared to all the others machines on the market obtaining:

  • The cleanest egg white
  • Highest proven yield on the market
  • Minimum whole egg quantity
  • Yolk with the highest dry matter

Synchro unmatched performance is combined with a design that simplifies all the cleaning procedures at the end of the day/shift due to the fact that can be integrated with the plant CIP system for an easy, fast and inexpensive CIP cleaning. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to the rough and oversized construction, all the components are made of stainless steels, plastic materials are used ONLY in not critical components, routine maintenance operations are additionally simplified thanks to the easy accessibility of all the parts of the machines.

Synchro egg breakers are the answer to your needs to improve your egg breaking line, contact our sales team for additional information 

Based on a specially designed high resolution Vision System, the Pelbo revolutionary Albuchecker 2.0® egg white inspection system, uses ground-breaking and patented software to identify even the smallest egg yolk stain on the albumen separation cup.
In this event, the software immediately activates the related area cylinder system to release the albumen cup into the below whole egg tank. System can provide also statistics, egg counting, dirty cup washing and can be assisted by remote service if connected to the LAN system.
Pelbo Albuchecker 2.0® egg white inspection system can correctly identify even the smallest egg yolk stain on sturdy electro-polished stainless steel cups as the system is insensitive to any type of reflection or interference caused by light and any kind of material. The system is capable of detecting even the smallest egg yolk stain and the operator.