The Simplex5S125 egg breaker separator, with a maximum capacity of 45,000 eggs/hour (125 cph), has been designed for all medium-scale egg breaking plants.

Simplex5S125 is the only medium-capacity egg breaker on the market with features that are found on high-capacity machines, such as the yolk detector (scanner) and the option of being automatically cleaned "in place" (CIP).

Simplex5S125 egg breaker guarantees, like all other egg breakers produced by Pelbo, maximum yield thanks to the specific inclination and shape of the cracking head which allows the total recovery of the liquid contained inside the shell.

This breaker is the result of two upgrades made to the  Simplex3S75 by adding in turn the upgrading spare parts kit and the Albuchecker 2.0. 

The yolk detector Albuchecker 2.0 ® ensures perfect separation, thus guaranteeing an extremely clean egg white and yolk with a high dry residue together with an extremely low percentage of whole egg. Simplex5S125 egg breaker can be integrated with a Crono1 egg loader for further manpower reduction.

Albuchecker 2.0® is a genuine high resolution Vision System that masters a complete production control by placing cameras above the egg way in order to avoid direct touch and let a production without downtimes offering maximal precission every second.

Pelbo Albuchecker 2.0® egg white inspection system, uses ground-breaking and patented software to identify even the smallest egg yolk stain on the albumen separation cup. In this event, the software immediately identify and activate the cylinder system to release albumen with yolk stains into a whole egg tray placed under the sepatration cup way. Albuchecker 2.0® provides complete production information like statistics, egg counting, dirty cup

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