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Micro25, with variable production capacity from 900 to 9.000 eggs/hour, is the Pelbo line egg-breaking machine designed for small egg-breaking plants, for all foodstuff, pasta and pastry plants as well as all other companies that need to break and separate eggs easily and quickly.

Its compact size allows it to be installed just about anywhere, even in the smallest places.Micro25 can be equipped with either a manual loading system or a loading tank, so as to satisfy the requirements of every customer.

The Micro25 egg breaker can also be supplied with an egg washing machine with aspersion nozzles and recycling of cleaning solution in two different versions, with or without brushes. Micro25 is also equipped with an egg-separation accessory with chutes, for perfect egg-yolk separation; in addition, the liquid collection tanks are especially configured to ensure extra gentle treatment of yolks, thereby preventing their breaking.

Made using the same components as the high-capacity egg-breaking systems, Micro25 guarantees reliable operation in time.

Micro25 is built in compliance with the strictest food hygiene standards, and consequently all its components can be easily cleaned.