Pelbo technology main goals are:

  • Making life easier to customers avoiding risks and giving them a better control of the process
  • Keep quality of egg intact in time
  • Give additional value to final egg products.

During transformation process, egg transfers through different steps that must provide new value and avoid quality loss obtaining a final product so close to natural egg as possible.

Pelbo Egg Processing division delivers technical solutions that allow a gentle egg handling that will keep functionallity and quality of egg and give all vantages of proper egg processing like long shelf life products, egg blends, especial egg products, etc.

Within all available liquid treatments, Pelbo technology can offer:

  • Automatic egg filters
  • Special Centrifuges
  • Reverse Osmosis for concentrating of liquid egg yolk and whole egg
  • Ultrafiltration for concentrating of liquid egg whites

Automatic Egg Filters

Automatic self-cleaning Pelbo filters allow continuous operation for the entire processing shift for very high egg flowrates. Pelbo automatic filters with one, two or three independent units on a common frame. Small footprint and unique performance.

Special Egg Centrifuges

This high efficiency centrifuges find their main application in cleaning of impurities for whole egg and egg whites.

Reverse Osmosis

This treatment is used previous to whole egg drying to decrease the egg water content in whole egg and increase drastically the whole egg powder production. At the same time with high energy savings.

Ultra Filtration

This treatment improves egg white drying output concentrating the albumen in order to highly improve the and generate big energy savings in the egg whites powder production.
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