Egg processors using high volume / capacity egg breakers often rely on plastic egg trays to guarantee safest egg storage and high speed processing by the egg loading system. During the process the egg trays come in contact with liquid egg and may get stuck each other. Trays then need to be separated, washed and sanitized to be reused. To meet industry demand PELBO recently announced a new series of high capacity egg tray washers capable of operating both on-line / off-line.
While focusing on a fully automated system to guarantee the highest standard of safety and sanitation, PELBO design engineers took into high consideration minimum consumption of water, chemical optimization and highest performances in terms of volume and usage. As with other PELBO equipment, the egg tray washing range follows the PELBO heavy duty construction philosophy that insures the highest performance standards are met thanks to the robust stainless steel construction. The PELBO egg tray washer can process from 3250 / 6500 / 9500 and even higher volumes of plastic egg trays per hour offering guaranteed perfect sanitized wash, rinse, automatic stacking and high speed centrifugal drying. Each zone of PELBO egg tray washer has been designed to enable easy access for cleaning and easy maintenance.