SYNCHRO 150 54.000 eggs / hour

The SYNCHRO 150 is a newly developed egg breaking / separating machine with processing capacity up to 54.000 eggs per hour ( 150 cph )

Based on the concept of Synchro family it has been designed with the unique self synchronizing motors for an undisputed higher performance , yield and durability.

It’s design allows easy operation, automatic egg white monitoring with Albuchecker® Vision Scanner, minimum production of whole egg and very easy cleaning operation even when connected to central CIP.

With its innovative design and technology the Synchro 150 guarantees perfect and precise egg handling and processing to guarantee the highest performance in liquid egg separation from shells.

Similarly to other systems of the Synchro range the Synchro 150 incorporates the Pelbo Egg Breaking group,  famous in the market for its robustness and gentle egg handling and the Servo Drive motor system to guarantee a constant synchronization of each moving part either egg breaking carousel and liquid egg separation cup system for a perfect and stabilized performance.

The SYNCHRO 150 guarantees an higher productivity and yield thanks the innovative extended drain section that has been designed in the new chassis allowing a considerable increase of liquid egg recovery.

Several new features have been added to this new “state-of-the” art egg breaking system:

  • New On board control panel
  • New 7 ” full washing”  zones to be connected at CIP system
  • New Intelligent cup washing and liquid detection during production phase
  • New Albuchecker ® Vision Scanner system for automatic detection of yolk particles into albumen to guarantee the cleanest albumen in the industry positioned in up front of separation cups
  • New LED lighting for Vision Scanner System with higher duration and continuous stabilized lighting intensity
  • New liquid collecting tank footprint to guarantee dramatic reduction of water leakage during CIP washing operations