NANOBREAKER 5M125 18,000 to 45,000 eggs/hour


NANOBREAKER 5M125, with a maximum capacity of 45,000 eggs per hour, has been designed for all medium-scale egg breaking plants.

NANOBREAKER 5M125 egg breaker guarantees, like all other egg breakers produced by PELBO, maximum yield thanks to the specific inclination and shape of the cracking head which allows the total recovery of the liquid contained inside the shell.

Developed to grow with customer’s needs

NANOBREAKER egg breakers are developed to be the perfect partner for companies that have just begun processing eggs since they were studied and designed to increase their performance according to customer needs, indeed NANOBREAKER 5M125 can be equipped with separating trays (as shown in the picture) allowing egg white/yolk separation. In addition they can be integrated with a ZB100 egg loader for additional manpower reduction.

Plug and Play

NANOBREAKERS are designed to be easily installed directly by the customer. However PELBO’s technical support is always available to assist its own customers at any time: from installation, to maintenance and consultation to obtain the best results from PELBO machines.