ALBUCHECKER is Pelbo’s patented scanner which uses a camera-based vision system to check for the presence of yolk inside the egg white during egg breaking:
• It operates even when coloured yolk is present, without the need for adjustments;

• Thank to its high technology ALBUCHECKER is the only system that can correctly detect egg yolk spots on stainless steel cups;
• The software identifies the size of the yolk spot, customers can set the cup washing cycle according the yolk spot size; this allows great water savings;
• The patented software visualises the size of the yolk spots, and allows even the smallest particles to be identified. It is always the customer who decides what size of yolk particle the scanner has to detect;
• The control panel with 17” monitor makes it possible to check the correct operation of the egg breaking machine. The percentage of whole egg, the actual number of eggs broken, and the operation of the crackers, are displayed continuously and all the data are saved in reports always available for the production manager.