The Pelbo “PWJ Egg Washer Tank” series  is an egg washing / loading system based on roller conveyor and a water tank used to load eggs manually particularly used in some Countries where eggs are collected into baskets. Eggs are loaded into the water by operator then they fall by gravity on the roller conveyor where a controlled water flow is gently moving them up.

In between the in feed conveyor a group of rotating brushes removes remaining particles on the eggs and a line of spray nozzles provides to the final rinse before transfer to the egg cracking heads.

The “PWJ Egg Washer Tank” is also equipped with 2 fine screen filters to remove middle – large particles,  a line filter with cartridge and related automation controls.

  • 5/6/12/15 rows : from 20.000 to 180.000 eph
  • 2 different filtration screens
  • 1 removable filtration cartridge
  • Water spray nozzles
  • Rotating brushes
  • Sensors and controls