GEMINI 250 30,000 to 90,000 eggs/hour


GEMINI 250 loader was created thanks to the experience acquired by PELBO’s technicians in numerous years working in the Egg industry.

The new loader GEMINI 250 has a max capacity of 250 cases/hour (90,000 eggs/hour) and can handle all kinds of eggs and trays.

Main features of the GEMINI 250 are:

  • Labour is reduced to a minimum, only one operator, even at maximum speed, can load the stacks of trays and at the same time can remove the empty trays.
  • It can be fed by using automatic systems, such manipulator and robot.
  • Heavy-duty construction eliminates the need for maintenance and guarantees years of continuous work.
  • Automatic system for unloading and diverting the stacks of empty trays from the stacking sections onto a conveyor belt.
  • Linear transfer of eggs, preventing the eggs from falling due to centrifugal force.
  • Modular design for numerous layouts to satisfy the need of each specific customer.

The Loader GEMINI 250 is available for DIAMOND SYSTEM, MOBA and STALKAAT graders.